Crane Piano Move

Crane Piano Move

Moving Jan Mulder’s Fazioli Concert Grand Piano

The other day a client gave me a CD of this artist telling me she really liked his music.  Classical music always interests me especially when it is mixed with hymns.  I happened to be enjoying some of his wonderful music when I came across this great video of him moving his Fazioli 308 Concert Grand Piano. This is especially interesting to me because I really enjoy moving pianos and also enjoy watching a more challenging piano move like this one which was a crane piano move. Feel free to enjoy the music while you watch the piano move.

… And, no, I was not the piano mover in the video in case you were wondering.  I do move pianos using cranes every so often, but this was not one of my own piano moves.  You can listen to more of his music or order it at his website:

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