Every Pianist Deserves to Practice on a Truly Inspiring Piano

Most piano buyers struggle to make a truly informed purchase.  We help you find the right piano and prepare it so that you can enjoy making music.

New Mason & Hamlin Pianos

Magnificent new pianos, built using the best designs and materials

Fully-Serviced Used Pianos

Pianos subject to the Little Valley Piano Sales Agreement

Affiliate Piano Marketplace

Pianos for sale by our clients

Other Sellers

We’re happy to help you get the right piano from any source.

Piano Sales Agreement

Pianos are complex musical machines.  We help you avoid the pitfalls of hidden problems and buyer’s remorse by operating under this 5-point sales agreement:

1. We only sell the best

Every piano is among the best available at its price point.  We’re selective about what we sell and reject 10s of pianos for every one we take on.

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2. Fully-serviced pianos

Most used pianos have a spotty service history.  Ours have been fully serviced, touching up the finish and ensuring that the piano is in excellent regulation and has an optimized tone.

3. One fair price

No haggling or pressure tactics, ever.  Instead, get all of the answers you need to feel safe with your purchase.


4. Everything is included

Within reasonable limits, your piano purchase includes delivery, a humidity control system, and an initial on-site tuning.

5. Your purchase is protected

We offer a generous 2 year limited warranty

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