Achieving Harmony & Proper Pitch

Piano Tuning

Ben Rocke is a Registered Piano Technician® and a member of the Piano Technician’s Guild. Ben tunes pianos for residential homes in Vermont, and a variety of distinguished Vermont commercial, institutional, and performance venues.

Optimal Keyboard Action & Precise Control

Piano Regulation

Vermont’s climate can be harsh on your piano requiring adjustment of your piano’s cloth, leather, hammers, dampers and more. Periodic regulation helps ensure a smooth even response from your entire keyboard, and optimal play  action and performance.

Professional & Fully Insured

Piano Moving

Trusted by Vermont’s top piano dealers, teachers, concert venues, churches and educational institutions, Little Valley Piano Service is dedicated to providig you with the very best professional piano moving service in Vermont.

Achieving Harmony & Proper Pitch

Piano Sales

Little Valley Piano Service maintains an extensive listing of our clients pianos that are currently for sale. Click here for a listing of pianos that are currently available. To list a piano visit our contact us page.

Residential & Commercial Piano Fleet

Piano Rentals

Whether you need a short term piano rental, for a special occasion such as a concert, wedding, or art gathering, or a long-term piano rental for you or your child to learn how to play, Little Valley Piano Service has a number of high quality piano rentals that can suit your needs.

sometimes even the finest pianos need rebuilding

Piano Rebuilding & Restoration

Little Valley Piano Service can restore your piano to its original excellence, preserving the musical components of your piano and physical beauty for future generations. Employing proven, time-honored piano rebuilding techniques your piano can once again have a deep, rich, vibrant tone and a responsive touch.

Restore your piano to its full potential and sound

Expert Piano Repair

Trust Vermont’s piano repair specialists, Little Valley Piano Service, to provide comprehensive piano repair services. From simple jobs including replacing strings,  piano cleaning, to more complex piano repairs including action regulation, pedal adjustment, keytop repairs, and fixing broken hammers, we will fully restore your piano.

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About Little Valley Piano Service

Meet Ben Rocke. owner of Little Valley Piano Service and an RPT Member of the Piano Technicians Guild.


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