Piano Rebuilding & Restoration


housands of parts allow your piano keyboard and action to function properly. With regular care and maintenance your piano can last for generations. However despite the best regular care, sometimes even the finest pianos eventually need “rebuilding,” to remain fully functional.

Little Valley Piano Service can restore your piano to its original excellence by employing proven, time-honored piano rebuilding techniques.

Rebuilt properly, your cherished piano can have a deep, rich, tone and a responsive touch. Depending on your individual circumstances, rebuilding your piano may be a better investment than purchasing a new piano. Sometimes a properly rebuilt, regulated and voiced, better name, hand made, grand piano can produce a unique tone and touch that cannot be found in most comparably priced massed produced pianos.

Nonetheless, not every piano is worth rebuilding. Other than sentimental value and very unusual case designs, their are a number of criteria for determining whether your piano will be worth rebuilding. Your Little Valley Piano Registered Piano Technician will discuss the various options with you.

From the sound board, to the pin block, to the condition of the wood and veneers, we will help you make the best choice for fully rebuilding and restoring your piano.

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