Buying and Selling Pianos

We help buyers avoid the pitfalls of hidden problems and buyer’s remorse. We help sellers accurately advertise their piano to an engaged audience.

Tips for buying a used piano

You need to have a goal in mind.  Are you a first-time piano buyer looking to let your kids start lessons or get back into the piano as an adult?

Most parents looking for a piano for their kids to take lessons on or adults wanting to get back into the piano don’t realize how big of an impact the piano can have on on their success.  Here are three simple tips to help you lay the groundwork for success:

  1. Avoid pianos under $1000.
  2. Newer is better.
  3. Don’t ever buy a spinet.

Please reach out to us for advice as you search, and when you think you’ve found the one, let us inspect it for you.

Are you or your child looking for a piano that can give daily pleasure or help you get to the next level?

  1. Spend some time learning about piano touch and tone
  2. If you can buy a grand piano, do it!
  3. Have your technician inspect the piano and let you know what is needed to catch it up on maintenance.

At this level, it’s important to think about which piano inspires you.  Find the piano that you just can’t stop playing!

Are you ready to spend $25,000 or more on a piano?  Hang on for the ride.  It’s a lot of fun!

  1. You absolutely need to spend a lot of time playing a variety of high end pianos.  In the end, you need to find the piano that is so inspiring you can’t get up from it.
  2. Don’t buy based on brand and model alone, especially sight unseen.
  3. Although stellar technical condition should be a given in this price range, do not buy without having it inspected!

Be open minded.  The quality and enjoyability of a piano doesn’t always track with price.

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