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Recommended Tuning Schedule

Regular piano tuning is a basic, and critical component of your piano’s care.  Piano tuning is essential for both the sound and structural integrity of every piano especially in Vermont’s climate.

Regular tuning and proper maintenance will help preserve your piano and keep it performing at its full potential. While each piano is different, technicians and piano manufacturers all agree—pianos should be tuned two to four times a year in order Piano Tuning in Rutland, Addison, Orange and Windsor Counties Vermontto protect and maintain your investment.

The piano tuning process involves adjusting the string tension of the approximately 230 strings with a tuning lever to achieve harmony and perfect pitch. Just like a car that doesn’t receive regular service and oil changes, if a piano doesn’t receive routine tunings and regulation it can result in more costly problems later on. The longer your piano remains out of tune, the more time and effort it will take a technician to restore it to proper pitch.

New Piano? Regular tuning and maintenance in the first year is especially crucial, because your piano has to adjust toits new climate. It is recommended that a piano be tuned four times in the first year, and then at least twice a year after (or more, depending on the amount of use it gets and other factors, such as the climate/humidity).

Ben Rocke, Registered Piano Technician and member of the Piano Technician Guild

About Ben Rocke:

Ben Rocke is a Registered Piano Technician trained by Randy Potter School of Piano Technology. Registered Piano Technicians must pass a series of written and practical exams administered by the Piano Technicians Guild demonstrating:

  • Overall knowledge of pianos and their mechanics
  • Routine and specialized maintenance and repairs
  • Piano tuning abilities using a variety of methods
  • Musical ear-tuning a piano without the aid of an electrical tuner
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