Sharp height gauge (1 block)

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This is the fastest, most accurate, and most versatile way to set up your Jaras gauge for leveling black keys.

The sharp height gauge is a single block with 8 machined steps ranging in height from 12.0 mm up to 12.7 mm, the full range of normal sharp height specifications.  Choose one, and easily set your Jaras gauge for regulating block key height at the chosen spec. Quickly, accurately, and repeatably set up your straightedge at the selected spec.

No more trying to push rulers to the limits of their accuracy or using makeshift height gauges cobbled together from items in your toolkit!

Designed for use with the Jaras Sharp Leveler or Jaras Dial Gauge Leveler (not included).  These tools can be purchased from Schaff Piano Supply Co.  Shipping within the contiguous 48 states is included.

(Note that the prototype pictured only has 6 machined steps, whereas the product being sold has 8.)

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