Castleton State College Piano Service Request Form

I want to personally welcome all Castleton State College Staff and Students.  Please read the instructions, then fill out the form below.


Pianists:   Please tell us about any problems or thoughts you wish to share with us about this piano.

  1. Using the following nomenclature will help us to understand what you mean.
  2. If the problem is not fixed, or returns, please tell us again.


Pedals Names:

  1. Left Pedal = una corda pedal, soft pedal, shift pedal, or left pedal
  2. Center pedal = sostenuto, center pedal, or middle pedal
  3. Right pedal = sustain pedal, damper pedal, loud pedal, or right pedal


Notes are most easily named by the full octave they are in, starting with the lowest C:

  1. The lowest three notes in the bass are marked A0, A#0, B0
  2. Which leads to the first full octave which then becomes C1, C#1, D1, D#1, etc.
  3. Middle C is designated C4

Some descriptive examples of a problem might be:

  • “G4 key doesn’t repeat well with the sustain pedal held down.”
  • “F#6 sounds like two notes are playing when using the una corda pedal.”
  • “Something is rattling inside the piano when playing notes from F2 to C#3.”


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