Expert Piano Repair

Piano RepairBroken or sticky keys?

Trust Little Valley Piano Service to repair your piano and and restore it to its full potential and sound. Our goal is to make your piano sing! From replacing broken piano strings to fixing sticky or sluggish piano keys, Little Valley Piano Service can also fix broken or replacing missing piano parts as well as repair piano regulation problems.

Poor Voicing?

Along with repairing mechanical parts we can help your piano sound like a different instrument.You might also discover that your piano could benefit from voicing work.

Discover Vermont’s Most Experienced Piano Repair Professionals

Trust your piano repair to the technical competence of Greg Moore, a Registered Piano Technician® to repair and maintain your piano with the integrity, professionalism only a Piano Technician’s Guild Member can provide.

If you are experiencing some of these common piano problems, call Vermont’s piano repair experts and start enjoying the sounds of music again.

Schedule Piano Repair Service
  • Key-binding
  • Slow action
  • Poor action
  • Key-easing
  • Key top repair
  • Broken piano strings
  • Sticking or broken piano pedals
  • Jacks
  • Sticking/sticky piano keys
  • Broken piano hammers
  • Dead piano notes